Developed by Voodoo Studio, is a minimalist skill game. Perfect to have fun, its suitable for any kind of player. Easy to understant, this game goal is to conquer the biggest territory in one part. Discover in detail the review of this downloadable game on iTunes. in a few words

It is a multi-player game. Each participant has color box assigned. In this game, several players compete to have the biggest field. Here, all shots…are allowed.
One can steal his enemies, and even pull their tails. The winner is the one who has used the best strategy to gain the bigger space. To play, you do not need to connect to the Internet. Indeed, it is possible to have fun offline. To play without connecting to the Internet, it is best to download the application to your smartphone.

Some tips

It is advisable to move as far as possible from your opponents when playing This decreases the chances of being quickly eliminated. The closer one gets to his enemies, the greater is the risk of losing.
Finally, you should play this game only on your spare time…because it is very addictive!